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We offer excellent services in full trim, upholstery, repair, and recovery of all types of seats from small cars, matatus, vans, buses, and tour or recreational vehicles. Through superior molded foam technology we are able to create precise moldings for our seats, therefore, improving comfort. These seats follow the safety protocols and quality standards since we are ISO Certified, so safety, support, and elegance is our number one priority.  Fabrics come in pure leather, rexines, PVC, P.U leather, canvas.

Check out our range of seats.

Matatu seats

Matatu Standard

Made from high quality moulded foam this seat is suited for Matatus, school vans, church vans and basically all types of PSV's. This seat is convenient and affordable for every matatu.

Jabari seats


This seat features contours that enable the passenger feel comfortable while travelling through bumpy long distances. It has a durable frame that is long lasting.  

Salama seats


This seat has foam that is moulded to simulate the passengers back, protecting while also providing an extended and enjoyable experience as one travels. 

Tausi seats


This seat is suitable for both matatus and buses as it makes use of space effectively without affecting the passengers comfort. It comes in different fabrics and material design to suit both the vehicle owner and the passenger.

Msafiri seats


This is the most preffered seat in the economy bus and coach travel industry. It features accessories that make long distance travel worthwhile. It features armrests as well as cup holders.

Malaika seats


Also an industry favorite. Has vibrant colors that makes travel feel warm and cozy. Its outline and detailing done by experts is excellent and safety has also not been left behind in the design process.

Anasa seats


In pure leather or fabric options, the Anasa seat is fancied by many. Featuring a delightful headrest and beautiful contours, this seat makes both intercity and intercountry travel wonderful.

Fariji seats


The Fariji seat is petite, beautiful and comfirtable. Its great for those who want to increase bus or shuttle capacity without infringing on the comfort of the passenger. 

Safari seats


This seat is the very best in mordern quality and manufacturing techniques that combine functional design best suited for the rigorous terrain in the wild.

Mci Ltd


This seat features both luxury and style in its design. Fitted with arm chairs, high density foam and leg rests, this seat is for those who love to travel in style and comfort.

Mci Ltd


The Bench seat suits school and church vans that tend to carry children or a large number of people and it features good quality durable fabrics and a robust frame.

Mci Ltd


Also another high end luxury seating option. Its lavish and elegant design enables first class passengers to feel at home. It features in-built cup holders, arm chairs and more.  

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